Samsung S7 edge upgrade

Posted by Klāvs Reinfelds on March 11, 2017 · 2 mins read

It is time to upgrade

I am thinking about LG G6, Huawei Mate 9, some HTC flagship phone and of course the new Samsung S8.


I am not a big fan of LG phones and I really have not bought any of them. But this G6 looks really promising.

I like the big screen and overall design, performance, IP68 certification.

I don't like the small battery life and not impressed with the camera.

Maybe it's time to give a try for LG.

Huawei Mate 9

Like LG and not a big fan of Huawei too. They had a bad reputation for their user interface. But this EMUI 5.0 version looks really promising.

I like big screen size, performance, memory size (both RAM and built-in storage) and the camera looks promising.

I don't like a downgrade of battery life compared to my current S7 edge and low screen resolution compared to all other flagship and same price range phones.


In the past, I had really good experience with HTC One(M8). I liked build quality, fast updates and user interface.

The problems now are that HTC doesn't have any official dealers in Baltics states. So if you have some problems phone will be sent to other countries and you will have to wait a long time. And you cannot buy the newest models from mobile operators.

I really want to try some HTC current flagship, but looks like it is not gonna happen.

Samsung S8

This phone is still a mystery. It is not officially presented so specifications are not known. There are a lot of leaks about this phone, but still, they cannot be trusted.

If the screen size will be increased like some of the leaks are saying then I will definitely consider this phone.

So now let's wait for the official announcement on March 29th.